Your safety is our utmost priority and so we have made necessary adjustments to our policies to give our clients more flexibility during this time of crisis. Please take note of the following COVID-19 guidelines and requirements: 

  • We are BARBICIDE COVID-19 certified, and follow proper sanitation, disinfection and sterilization procedures using professional grade bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal products on all tools, and high touch areas such as door handles, faucets, service chairs, service counters, front desk, P.O.S system, phone, etc.
  • All clients not actively receiving services will need to wear a face mask as required by local guidelines. Clients getting hair services should wear face masks that wrap around the ears. I also will be wearing face masks for your protection and mine.
  • Upon arrival at the studio (if applicable), please sanitize your hands using hand sanitizer, available in the set space for your use.
  • Please stay home if you feel ill; if you have a sore throat or coughing with fever above 100F. I appreciate your cooperation in providing adequate notice.
  • Please only bring items that you need. Avoid bringing tablets, laptops, food, drinks, etc unless absolutely necessary.

Bridal, On-Site Reservations

The appropriate PPE will be worn for the duration of the job.
Tools including brushes will not be reused between client/talent/models on the same day. All products are stored in non porous containers which are disinfected and sanitized in between each job, and are brought to your event or to the studio clean and ready to use
The workstation and surrounding areas will be cleaned and appropriately disinfected between each client/model/talent.
All reusable tools have been appropriately cleaned and disinfected prior to each job.
All team members and clients will have their temperature taken prior to engaging in any application or other interactive activities
All product, containers, and reusable applicators will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between each client/model/talent.

Your bridal beauty team will require 12 or fewer people to a room.  If you know you will have a large amount of people in your getting ready space please consider having two separate areas for us to work and your bridal party and guests to visit.  

Anyone not receiving services at the time will need to be masked at any time they are in the room

For more information on my booking policies and procedures please contact me directly.